you didn't think i can do it

Pets Stealing Significant Others Are The Funniest Thing You Will See Today

Cats and dogs are the easiest pets to love because they love you back.  Sometimes, they love you a little too much and not even your significant other can get close to you.  They wouldn’t want anyone coming between them and their favorite human.  Whenever they get the chance to show it, they will kiss you, smooch you, and just cuddle with you.  Isn’t that sweet?  Well, it is!  Isn’t it good?  Hmmm… I don’t think it is for these humans who caught these pets stealing the love of their life!

Scroll down to see a compilation of these hilarious photos!

back off i'm the real husband

This is the look this doggo gave when the husband attempted to go to his wife. It’s like saying “Back off!  I’m in control here!”

boyfriend and cat are soulmates

We’d like to believe that animals and humans can be soulmates.  They even have the same expression.

cat finds husband and sleeps with him

It doesn’t matter where this guy sleeps, his cat is going to find him and sleep with him.

clingy cat

Look at those clingy paws!

coziness level 999

We can feel coziness level 999 between this guy and his girlfriend’s pet.

crap we're busted

Going home to this is both funny and creepy! With the dog’s reaction, we’re convinced she’s the other woman.

cuddling with this dog

Awww. This dog cuddles the boyfriend every time. Totally leaving the girlfriend behind.

dinner date

Girlfriend is away for weeks so the guy took this doggy to a dinner date.

dog does this everytime gf leaves

Every time the girlfriend leaves for work, this pet takes over her space in the bed.

dog kiss mark

We’re pretty sure this cutie got a kiss from the girlfriend before she left for work.

dog says bleh

The husband came home from a 10-hr shift and saw this. Dog said “Bleh!”

Dog steals spot and gave this look

Dog steals spot and gave this look!

dog wants to skype

Making this long distance relationship work!

dogs guarding your girl from you

So every night, these dogs position themselves like this. Seems like they’re guarding the woman from her husband.

dog's look will melt your heart

The dog’s look will melt anyone’s heart. She looks totally in love!

get out of the way

Yikes! Now that’s a clear act of saying “Leave us alone!”

he loves me more

“He loves me more! I’m sorry!”

he wasn't in bed because he was sleeping with another woman

He wasn’t in bed because he was sleeping with another woman. Busted!

holding paws

Can you see it?  The guy holding the cat’s paw. Awww.

im sorry to interrupt you guys

Ooops!  I am sorry to interrupt you guys.


A different level of PDA!

puppy not allowed in bed

The puppy wasn’t allowed to sleep in bed.  Obviously, he chose the puppy.

reminding you that you're just a side bitch

This cat’s look is reminding you that you’re just a side b***h!

Stay away from my man

Whenever she gets the chance, she stays with the guy and her look says “Stay away from my man!”

that glorious feeling when you stole another girl's boyfriend

That glorious feeling when you steal another girl’s boyfriend.

this cat crawls to the husband every night

So every night, this cat crawls to the husband and sleeps on top of him.

this cat is in love

Waking up to this. The cat is happy!

this girl is mine

“This girl is mine. What are you gonna do about that?

too comfy in there

That’s her spot for sure!

“Will you be my daddy? Please?”

you didn't think i can do it

“You didn’t think I will do it. Did you?

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