Pets With Incredible Fur Patterns

The randomness of nature can be so amazing.  Sometimes it makes extraordinary markings or recognizable shapes on the fur coats of some animals.  Dogs with heart shaped fur patches, or cute cats sporting a mustache are just a few examples of nature’s beauty. Here is a collection of interesting and fun photos to view and share of these little miracles of nature.

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.” – Groucho Marx


heart shaped nose

1. My heart shape nose

heart shaped nose

2. Chest is beating too fast

two face cat

3.Who is two-face?

horse heart pattern

4. To follow your heart and not your head

Corleone's dog

5. Corleone’s dog


eyeliner dog

6. I got my eyeliner done well


cat eyebrows

7. You better not raise an eyebrow

cat white mustache

8. I drank too much milk it went to my mustache

cat white mustache

9. Not me!!

heart fur pattern

10. From the bottom of my heart


heart feature pattern

11. Love triangle


12. Vignette


13. Hail the cat



14. My own shadow


heart on dog butt

15. I got a booty shaking to do


dog eyebrows

16. I’d better have it a little shaved



17. Summer is up and I need my shades


18. Sunglasses and monochrome

cat moustache

19. Ok! mustache

question mark cow

20. What is happening?

Do you have a pet with an interesting or unusual pattern?  Don’t worry, it’s just proof this planet is so wonderful and artistic in different ways.

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