Photos That Prove A Cow Can Be A Man’s Best Friend Too

The first thing that comes into your mind when you hear “Man’s Best Friend” is always…always… dogs!  We won’t argue with that but sometimes it’s a shame to grow up thinking only dogs can be a human’s favorite buddy.  We look at dogs as loyal, sweet, playful, and adorable but what about cows?  Truth is, cows are actually just like dogs, only they’re bigger.

Cows love cuddles, plays with balls, and are adorably sweet too.  Not convinced?  Well, take a look at the photos below that prove a cow can also be your cute pet and best friend!

Affectionate Cow

Isn’t this such a sweet photo?  Look how affectionate the cow is!

Baby Cow

awww…such a fluffy baby cow!

Calf falls asleep on lap

This calf fell asleep on human’s lap.

cow baby sitter

You say dogs are great babysitters, right? Well, cows are too!

Cow catching snowflakes

This cow is catching snowflakes on his tongue. How fun is that?

cow enjoys belly rub

They also enjoy belly rubs like your domestic pets.

cow enjoys car rides

And even car rides can be fun with them (so long as they’ve not grown that big yet!)

cow enjoys car rides

This cow definitely feels like he’s a dog. He’s so at home enjoying a rest on the couch.

cow loves cuddles

Did we mention cows love cuddles?

Cow loves rottweiler

You don’t have to totally forget about your pet dogs, they sure love them!

cow plays ball

They also love playing balls. Though, they only roll them over and not catch them.

Cow plays with bale of hay

But a bale of hay is their primary toy!

cow selfie

They can even pose for a perfect selfie!

cow sleeps on a dog bed

They also try to fit in a dog bed.

Cows love dog

See? They all love dogs too!

Cuddly Cow

and more cuddlesss….

Curious Cows

Well, a toy car can also be fun for them!

loved by celebrities like Howie Mandel

One cow was even loved by celebrity Howie Mandel.

loves scratches

And they will love you even more if you’ll find their favorite spot for scratching.

Nap buddy

They can also be your nap buddy!

perfect picture partner

and again, more cuddles!


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