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Photos That Show Labradors and Golden Retrievers are the Best Pets to Have

It has long been established that Labradors and Golden Retrievers are two of the best dog breeds in the world.  They are popular in any dog lovers’ home because of their characteristics.  They are known to be friendly, playful, intelligent, and highly trainable.  No wonder dog trainers love them!  They also make good companions as they enjoy walking with people and even cuddling.  Oh, they love food too!

Labradors originated in Newfoundland where fishing and hunting were the main source of income. Fishermen and hunters were believed to have brought their dogs with them. Thus, these dogs were used to retrieve their catch and helped in their hunting adventure.

Golden retrievers, on the other hand, came from Scotland.  They were named “retrievers” because of its ability to retrieve shot waterfowl and and upland game birds without damage.  This breed is also popular as a “disability assistance” and a “guide” dog.  Like Labs, Golden retrievers are high-energy dogs and are always eager to make their humans happy.

Check out some of the cutest photos of these two breeds that will prove they are the best dogs ever!

turtle mode

This dog is on Turtle mode.

true love

Awww. True Love!

travel checklist

All set for your next travel.

three shades of dog

Title of this photograph: “Three Shades of Dog”

this is how you do puppy eyes

This is how you do the “puppy eyes.”

thirsty or trick

Not sure if this one’s thirsty or just doing a new trick!

Thinking Cat on dog

When we say, “Put on your Thinking Cat!”

the golden tub

We call this “The Golden Tub!”

sweet moment with cat

Here are three pets sharing a peaceful moment.

sweet dog gives gifts

According to the owner, his pet gives gifts to every visitor that comes to their house. So sweet!

super cute chocolate labrador

Isn’t this chocolate labrador so adorable?

strolling in the park

Just a mama taking her kid out for a walk.

so fluffy

So Flufffy! We’re gonna die!

sleeping corner inside the toilet

This cutie doggo just found a sleeping corner inside the toilet.

real photobomber at the background

There’s a real photobomber at the background.

puppy loves the park

He sure loves playing in the park and this swing is his favorite.

puppy belly ready for tickles

Here’s his puppy belly ready for tickles!

prenup shot of dogs

Such a sweet moment! This even looks like a prenup shot.

please let me out

“Please let me out! I promise to behave next time! “

playful pets

Can this be heaven for pet lovers?

play catch

That’s why they’re called retrievers. They can retrieve three balls in one catch!

opps no camera please

“Ooops… no camera please!”

music video scene

This could pass as a scene in a sentimental music video.

like a baby discovering his toes

Arrrg. So cute! He’s like a baby discovering his toes.

lab results

In this bag, you will find the LAB results.

lab doing what he does best

This is a Lab doing what he does best – Relaxing!

kid and retriever puppies

Awww…this toddler sleeps in a box full of cuteness!

it's a good day to be alive

That face that says “It’s a good day to be alive!”

is it a roar or a yawn

Is this a roar or a yawn? Either way, he looks too cute!

golden loves snow

With their thick coat, they sure love to be out playing in the snow.

funny expression first day out

Look at how funny this dog’s expression is. It’s his first time to go out.

dog with birthmark

Such a unique birthmark you have there!

dog trying to fit in a box

This one’s feeling like a cat as he tries to fit in a box like liquid.

dog retrieves owner from snow

Isn’t this what these retrievers are for? When you’re stuck in snow and they retrieve you!

dog excited to jump on owner

This dog is too excited to see his human!

cute pupper smile

Wait till you see the cutest pupper smile!

cute baby wants to cuddle not walk

This is the “I don’t wanna walk, please carry me” face.

concerned retrievers

They are not just fascinated viewers, they’re concerned dog citizens.

clingy pup follows inside the bathroom

This clingy pup just followed his master inside the bathroom and did this…

can i have some food

Of course, food! How can they disregard food?

adopt us please

Ohhh… just look at these cuties.. They’re like saying “Adopt us please!”

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