Puppy Love

After responding to a routine call at Panhandle Animal Welfare Society or PAWS, Officer Marcus Montgomery of Fort Walton Beach in Florida did not expected to find love in the form of an adorable yawning puppy. The officer responded to a call involving a former employee at the shelter, but after his investigation, one of the employees came marching in with a puppy. According to reports, the pup was found in a box behind the shelter, crying and all alone. Montgomery asked the employee if he could hold the pup and the two bonded immediately.  The timing was perfect because the officer and his girlfriend were actively looking for another dog to add to their family.


The new pup was named Kylo by the officer.  He also reported that the puppy is doing fine and getting along great with their other dog named Vader, who loves taking naps with his new brother.

Vader and Kylo napping together.

Vader and Kylo napping together.



What a happy ending for this adorable puppy!


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