Cute Pandas in China

See more cute pandas in China!

We love adorable animals!

Puppies! Kittens! But seeing pandas just spikes up our “awwww” meter.  For many animal lover/travelers who love seeing cute things, China might be their next destination.

The country just recently opened the Shenshuping Panda Center. It is located at Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province in southwest China. The prime attractions are the seven pandas that were born last year.  The Center houses a total of 59 cute pandas.

Li Desheng , deputy director of Wolong National Natural Reserve Administration said, “The Shenshuping Panda Center will be responsible for artificially bred pandas’ wildness training and reintroduction and provide support for scientific research and protection of pandas.”

The center serves as the pandas’ home and training center until they can adapt to the natural environment and are ready to be released.

Check out these cute Panda videos!  So adorable!

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