Senior Dogs are STILL Cute & Lovable

Who says dogs are only cute when they are young?  Puppies are like babies in that their vulnerability brings out our protective nature.  There is no denying their cuteness factor, but they also have some non-cute behavior.  Older pups may not be as fluffy and cute as a young puppy, but they typically won’t chew up your favorite shoes and know how to behave when inside your home.  Senior dogs are just as lovable as when they were puppies, even more so.


Who wouldn’t love a senior dog? They’re gentle and wise. Just take a look at this face!


They’re so full of wisdom and life experience.  A young pup can learn so much from them.

From fetching toys, chasing cats, playing with kids, you name it, and they will teach the young ones what life has taught them.


They are also quite the comfort.  They are calm and mellow.  They just want a nice hug.


Who wouldn’t love a distinguished salt and pepper colored face smiling at them every day?

senior dogs


Older pups are more appreciative of your time and attention.

senior dogs

Most importantly, they will love you as much if not more than any puppy can.  They will give you warm hugs and plenty of kisses for sure!

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Aren’t these enough reasons to love a senior dog?  Visit your local pound or animal shelter and adopt an older dog today!

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