smiling puppies

Some of the Cutest Smiling Dogs That Will Surely Make Your Day

Among humans, a smile is an expression denoting amusement, happiness, or joy. Is this also true to our pet pals?  Hmm.  We’ll look at some of their photos. One thing for sure is when they smile; they also make their human friends smile. Check out some of the cutest smiling dogs that will certainly make your day.

Sitting so pretty!



Who would not smile for a long vacation on a beach side?



Say cheese!!! He likes the camera.



Don’t get confused. He’s not a panda. He smiles like one though.



This pup can’t hide his emotion. Lovely!



Oh yes it’s a lot happier when we’re together.



Extremely adorable! This irresistibly cute one explodes my heart.



Hey you’re cheating! Okay you’ll be the last in the list.

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