Some of the Smallest Dog Breeds That are also the Cutest

When you see some of our cute pals below, you will be convinced that size does not matter and cute things come in small packages.  Check out some of the smallest dog breeds that will definitely make you fall for their cuteness.

Brussels Griffon

brussels griffon

A little awkward looking, but he sure is cute. The Brussels Griffon is the mega cutie in tiny breeds. This pint-size cat-friendly pup is impressively smart and can be taught to perform all sorts of tricks.



Hello tiny pomie! He’s cute, he’s white, he’s adorable and yes, he’s really fluffy! Not only they are intelligent, Pomeranians are known to be affectionate and caring.

Bichon Frise

bichon frise

No kids, they are not toys! A lapful of charm in a cotton-ball cloud of white soft hair, Bichon Frise can easily make you explode for its overflowing cuteness.



Small and cute, with a big loyal heart, this intelligent breed loves to show affection and never leaves his owner. With more than just adorable looks, a cockapoo can be your best pal and a wonderful playmate.



With a lot of fur, this breed may require regular grooming. Another tiny cutie breed that is a member of both companion and toy groups, a Pekingese makes a good watchdog.



This irresistibly cute pup completes our list. The Havanese has won numerous admirers with his expressive eyes, silky hair, and cuddly tiny size and is beloved as a friendly, quick and playful companion.

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