oops cat jungle gym

Sometimes Pets Can Act Like Real Jerks Too

All pet owners love their furry buddies.  The kind of love that no matter what mischief they have done, they’re still treated like their babies.  Yet sometimes, we can’t deny the fact that these animals can do the most devilish delinquent act our minds couldn’t think of.  And what do pet owners do?  They take their phones and capture these hilarious moments.  Scroll to see some of them.

dog drowning human

Here’s a dog trying to drown his human and takes over the floater.

baby goats pic

Look how adorable these baby goats are! They’re actually just playing.

bird destroys cage

“Thinking of putting me to cage again?

cat disaster

Waking up to this disaster will surely ruin your day.

cat hates new cat

Obviously, this cat hates the new one.

cat inside pretzel jar

“I don’t mind staying in here…so long as I have these pretzels.”

cat reaches baby high chair

This little kitty shows off her acrobat skills to steal baby’s food.

cat sits on dog food

umm… that’s food.

cat sits on pizza

We don’t understand why cats love sitting on food.

cat sleeping on tissue

It sure is comfy in there!

cat spills pantyliners

Alright, we get it!  You’re on your period!

cat unplugging fan

When it’s freaking hot outside and your cat keeps on unplugging the fan!

cat yoga

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the newest yoga pose!

dog farts on cat

Little dutchie farts on cat! Hah!

dog farts on cat

When you take your dog outside to poops and he decided to poop on your helmet. Why?

dog pushes out aircon

This doggo doesn’t have any idea what he did!

dog wants water

Water stealer!

dutchie opens window during carwash

He opened the window during carwash.

little smug

See that little smug on her face?

oops cat jungle gym

It was a bad idea to put up those paper door covers. Now, what they have is a cat jungle gym!

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