Dog working with a laptop

#TakeYourDogToWorkDay Photos Are Crazily Fun


Dog working with a laptop

This dog is more dedicated and serious than other human employees.

On June 22, the hashtag #TakeYourDogToWorkDay was trending in social media. Humans can’t stop posting how fun and crazy it was to have their dogs at work. It all looked PAWsome in the photos but the stories behind made it more memorable.  See some of the cutest photos below.

Dog police

Dog police roving around the city.

Dog telephone operator

“Arf Arf! How may I help you?”

Dog under table

Not sure how this dog’s human going to finish his paperworks.

Dog with bow tie

Won’t mind if you have this dog as your supervisor.

Dog with laptop

Another puppy trying to interfere his human from doing reports.

Dogs researching

It’s a teamwork in doing research for these two.

Dog barber shop

Will you entrust your haircut to this pooch?

Dog book asst

“What book are you looking for today?”

Dog delivery

Pizza delivery by this adorable delivery dog.

Dog doctor

If only doctors can be this handy and easy to have on-call.

Dog hand

    “Hi, I understand your concern but kindly talk to our PAWyer for legal matters.”
Dog puppet show

Columbus Zoo had these dogs to do the puppet show.

Dog reviewing bills

Governor Roy Cooper are reviewing bills together with his dog Ben.

Dog shoe assistant

“Welcome to our shoe shop. How may I help you?”

Dog attending meeting

The fluffiest President of the Board you ever did see.

Boss dog

If there’s BossBaby, then here’s BossPuppy!

Break time with policeman

Sneaking in some sweet time with my policehuman after sniffing hard today!

Dog hardware

    Cutest assistants you’ll see today!
Dog joins a meeting

CEO Dog presiding the meeting.


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