The Adorable Quokka

This is a quokka.

quokka (1)

A quokka is a marsupial.

quokka (2)

They are found on the islands west of Australia, most notably the island of Rottnest

quokka (3)

Rottnest was given it’s name when Willem de Vlamingh saw the Quokka there.

quokka (4)

He mistook this adorable creature for a rat…

quokka (5)

… and called the island “Rotte Nest”

quokka (6)

“Rotte Nest” comes from the Dutch words rattennest which means “rats nest”

quokka (7)

This cute critter is listed as vulnerable.

quokka (8)

There are some in mainland Australia but most are confined to the islands off the west coast.

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