mustache on dog

The Coat Markings on These Dogs are Unique And Adorable

Dogs seem to be the most diverse specie in the world.  They come in different breeds, sizes, and color.  More often than not, we can tell what a dog breed is through its physical appearance like its fur coat.  In rare times, we encounter dogs that are oddly unique because of their coat markings and think twice which breed are they.

Here are some of the photos of furry pets with bizarre prints on their bodies.  Can you tell what breed/combination of breeds each one is?

bernese mountain dog

This is a unique-looking Bernese mountain dog. It appears white at the front but is black from shoulders to the entire back.

bi colored pug

Look at this Bi-colored pug. Isn’t he cute?

butter spots on white dog

This dog reminds me of Vanilla Ice Cream with bits of caramel.

chimera dog

This dog is a chimera. Genetically, he’s two animals but comes out as a single one.

clown dog

So, this is how a clown dog looks like, huh?

coated dog

His choco-caramel coat looks incredibly cute!

coated dog

Falling in love with a corgi that’s got a heart on his bottom.

dachshund black and white

This dachshund is a rare combination of all colors and prints. From black and white to brown. From polka dots to blocks of solid colors.

dappled puppy

Oh! This dappled coated puppy looks adorable.

dog fox superhero

He looks like a dog superhero who wears masks at night to fight crimes.

dog merle

This furry pet has a “merle.” It’s a gene that creates mottled of color in solid or piebald coat.

dog tattooed on dog

This dog has a dog tattooed on his body!

dog zebra

Oops! What is this creature? A dog or a zebra?

freckled dog

This is how freckles look like in a dog.

heart markings on dogs

Can you see the heart print on both mom and puppy?

heart on chest

The heart print is perfectly placed on this dog’s chest.

heart puppy

And another pupper with a heart. <3

more little pandas

Wait, are these little pandas?

mosaic labrador retriever

It’s a mosaic labrador retriever.

mustache on dog

Have you ever seen a mustache on a puppy? Here’s one.

mustached dog

And another one. Now, this one looks more like a macho man.

mutation dog

This labrador is in mutation where its yellow coat shows black spots.

panda german shepherd

Look how oddly cute this Panda German Shepherd is!

polka dot face dog

It’s a dog with polka dot face!

pomeranian and australian shepherd

Isn’t this a beautiful combination of Pomeranian and Australian Shepherd?

red merle australian sheperd

Another Merle Australian Shepherd!

tiny panda dog

So there’s another breed of panda dog?

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