Fuzzberta Harry Potter

The Cutest Cosplayer You Ever Did See – Fuzzberta

We jump with excitement every time we see dogs and cats in fun costumes. They look so adorable, you’d want to squeeze them (but don’t squeeze too hard). We all thought they’re the cutest thing on earth but a little critter is challenging their cuteness. We’re talking about Fuzzberta! She’s the guinea pig diva who dresses up in different costumes. She’s got 200k followers on Instagram and after you scroll down her super duper awesome photos, you’d be one of the many who’d click follow on her account.

Fuzzberta Batman

Looks! There’s Batman! Only this time, he doesn’t have a car.

Fuzzberta Chainsaw Massacre

The cute version of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Fuzzberta Chilling

Hello, Monsieur!

Fuzzberta Crazy Rich

Crazy Rich Guinea Pig!

Fuzzberta doing groceries

Just doing some groceries of her favorite food.

fuzzberta einstein

Little Einstein at work !

Fuzzberta Elsa

Here’s Olaf and FuzzbertaNNA, ready to give some warm hugs!

Fuzzberta Harry Potter

The Guinea Pig who lived – Fuzzberta Potter!

Fuzzberta Katniss

“I volunteer as tribute!”

Fuzzberta Little Red Riding Hood

I bet the rabbits gonna eat her!

Fuzzberta London Police

“Guess where I’m at?”

Fuzzberta mario

Oopsssie. Looks like this little Mario is the one who needs saving!

Fuzzberta Mozart

The classic Mozart look!

Fuzzberta Nurse

You wouldn’t mind staying in the hospital, if you got this little cutie as a nurse.

Fuzzberta on a monday

Perfectly sums up how we try to hustle our Monday work!

Fuzzberta Pokemon

Go, Pokemon, Go!

Fuzzberta Rockstar

The perfect Rockstar look!

Fuzzberta Showman

Hmmmm.. could this pass as the Greatest Showman look?

Fuzzberta Star Wars

Princess Leia, is that you?

Fuzzberta surfs up

“Surfs Up everyone!”


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