big brother ruff

The Cutest Pet Pregnancy Announcements Are Here!

It’s 2019! Aside from New Year greetings, most couples celebrate their pregnancies! We can’t help but notice these adorable announcements from their pets! So, we’ve compiled another list of these awesome shots that you’d be excited to see.

3 dogs and someone who'll poop

There’s another POOPy coming out!

big brother ruff

It really is going to be ruff! ruff!

big dog sister

Not sure if she has an idea she’s going to be a sister!

cat nesting

This cat’s nesting for her new baby!

cat realizes human is pregnant

Well, maybe it was too hard to tell her she’s no longer the baby!

dog in binky

Passing this binky on to the new baby!

dog screams

He did not take it calmly.

dog sleeping with baby shoes

He’ll wake up and thinks he’s still having a nightmare.

dog taking the news hard

This dog is taking the news hard.

dog thought he is the baby

Ooops. Someone’s feeling a bit emotional.

dog we are expecting

For one second, you’d think these couple dog is really pregnant.

dog wonders the PT

“Hmmm… What is this thing?”

the fourth awakens dog

The FOURTH awakens!

two dogs announcement

They have no choice but do the announcement.


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