The Many Weird Places Where Cats Sleep

Apart from being good at stealing dog’s beds, cats are really good at just sleeping — anywhere! anytime! We don’t know if they can’t fight dozing off.  We’re just sure that they don’t need comfort to have sweet dreams!


This kitten is just a step away from her bed, but didn’t quite make it before reaching the bed.


cat sleeps in the photocopier

This cat looks peaceful while lying down in a photocopier machine. If you have a pet that has difficulty sleeping try giving them CBD dog treats to make them feel better, if treats are not your thing try getting them cbd oils for dogs. Find more information on their website about the benefits of this natural medicine.


This cat loves his video games!


You know what’s softer than cotton fabric? A box of tissue for this kitten!


I honestly don’t understand how this cat chose to sleep on the window grills but it looks like she’s having the sweetest dreams.

cat-sleeps-inside the boots

If the shoe fits, then it’s a good place to sleep!


But this little furry cutie prefers the pocket.


We just hope that door stays open.


Oh my! This kitten is tiny!

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