dog running in Sydenham woods

The Snow Never Bothered These Dogs

Everybody seems to be feeling cold in the UK lately because of storm Emma.  Most people are being extra cautious when going out.  Some even had to cancel plans and appointments as Europe hits freezing temperature.  Yet, despite the snowy weather, some furry beasts do not seem to be bothered at all.  In fact, pet owners have been posting photos of their pooches playing freely in the snow!

Experts advice to still take their dogs for a walk, following some common tips.  That includes wrapping them up or putting a coat when it’s too cold and drying them after.  We must also not expose our pet dogs in the snow too much.  I recommend giving them hemp oil for cats and dogs to calm their nerves and avoid them getting aggressive. Although their fur is much thicker than our skin, this might mean they are also more susceptible to snow which may turn their long hair into ice balls.  Yikes!

Before you worry too much about that, let’s see how much fun these furballs had when they frolic freely on the snow.

two pets playing in the storm

“I never thought snow would taste as yummy as this!”

two dogs running

It’s playtime for these four-legged pets.

the snow smells good

“Hmmm.. so this is how the snow smells. So good!”

the cold never bothered the dog

“Hmmm.. The snow keeps falling on my head!”

police dog out in the snow

Here’s another police dog who’s out in the snow.

Merpol Police Dogs

The Merpol Police Dogs are out and about!

happy with the snow

Look at that smile! It feels like it’s his first time to be out in the snow.

guide dog

Need a guide? Here’s the perfect one to do the task.

dog sledging

Yaaay! The dog wants to do sledging.

dog sitting on the snow

“The cold never bothered me anyway!”

dog running in Sydenham woods

Wuhooo! Adventure time at Sydenham woods.

dog in st james park

The flowers look amazing in St. James Park and so is this doggo.

dog chilling in the snow

This dog thinks it’s a good time to play catch. Uh oh!

black dog in snow

This dog is trying to camouflage in the snow. As if?

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