White crocodile

These Adorable Animals Received Hilarious Amazon-like Reviews

When shopping online, apart from checking product descriptions, people rely on product reviews posted by previous customers. They rate them in 1-5 stars and share their actual experiences. You typically see this on inanimate objects sold in Amazon and other online shops. However, Oregon Zoo started a trend of introducing their animals by writing Amazon-like product reviews. The captions are so hilarious that other zoos, wildlife centers, aquariums, and animal enthusiasts started sharing their own humorous reviews too! The posts went viral with the hashtag #rateaspecies.

If you haven’t checked them on Twitter, see some of the wittiest reviews below!

cute frog

Can we have more pocket-size insect eaters?

cutie frog

Does this come in Chocolate flavor too?

dolphins - might fly away with a catchy tune

And oh! They might fly away with a catchy tune.


Can somebody call Newt Scamander, please?

hilarious description of bird

This is the funniest description of a bird! The eyeliner though!

kakapo - a parrot that cannot fly

Just so you know… this is a Kakapo – a parrot that cannot fly.

kangaroo spare

We all know who and where the spare is!

koala stretches but comes back to shape

This thing also stretches but don’t worry! He comes back to shape.

lemur cute eyes

Look at those sparkling cute eyes!

little turtle

We’re buying because it’s retractable!

looks like hedwig

Hedwig, is that you?

mad otter - where is your partner

But Mad Otter, where is your partner?

no flip but turns and spins

It won’t flip but can make turns and spins!


No batteries needed!

parrot needs no batteries

Getting two of this!

penguin - james bond in disguise

Best Dancer too!


Pika – pika – pikachu!

polar bears - coca cola is a lie

The Coca – Cola ad was a lie!

pygmy goat

“Will devour your clothing” – totally true! And even your plants too!

red panda

You got us at “extra fluff included.”

rhinos are fat unicorns

Rhinos are fat unicorns!

turkey vulture

This is a Turkey Vulture!

White crocodile

A white crocodile? Really?


certified member of the cat family

He proves to be a certified member of the cat family!

cute cricket frog

Isn’t this a cute cricket catcher?



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