gay parade

These Adorable Dogs March in the Rainbow Parade

June is known as the Pride Month of the LGBT community. Members of the community all over the world unleash their pride in rainbow colors to celebrate freedom and love. The event is all about acceptance – no matter what sexuality. Not only that! It’s also an event enjoyed by all – no matter what species! Yes, that’s right! Not only humans march during this event, even adorable pooches grace the streets in super cute and fashionable rainbow dresses and accessories.

Here are the most adorable pups we’ve seen at the pride parade.

adorable dog support pride

Look at this adorable pup supporting all the humans in celebrating the Pride Month!

bulldog rainbow

Here’s a bulldog rocking a sweet rainbow floral necklace.

cutie poodle fur rainbow

Clearly proud of her colorful fur.

cutie pup rainbow

Can you see that smiling face??? Definitely cute!

dog butterfly

Awww… looking so sweey and dainty in tutu with butterfly wings!

dog in pride necktie

Wearing that pride in necktie!

dog in pride scarf

Another happy dog celebrating Pride Month.

dog in rainbow bow

A simple bow is still a stand out in this lovable pup.

dog in rainbow shades

This shaggy dog is a little extra! Who wouldn’t catch attention in a complete #OOTD look?

dog pride month

Chilling after the march…

dog rainbow skirt pride dog

Wearing her outfit with pride!

dog rescue pride

Even a rescue dog is actively participating.

dog unleash the pride

We can hear them bark, “Unleash the pride!”

gay parade

Twinning because love wins!

fluffy dog in colored fur

Because pride month is all about acceptance and no discrimination … no matter the size.

funny dog rainbow

He definitely is enjoying the festivities!

poodle pride with snake

Now, we have a winner in the “best dressed” category!

pride dog skirt

Running for 1st runner up!

princess and cowboy dog

Is there a “Best Couple” award too?

pug in pride bow

Look at this cute pug, even carrying his own flag!


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