mini me yellow and blue eyes

These are the Cutest Mini-Me Photos of Animals You’ll See Today

Mother – daughter and father-son photos are always a hit to everyone. What more when you’ll see them in animals you already love? These animals are exactly the same. The coat color, the eyes, and even their mannerisms – it’s all a copycat! What makes it more adorable is you’ll get to enjoy seeing the adult-size and mini-size versions.

Can’t wait to check them out? Start scrolling down.

mini me big dogs

Look at those legs!

mini me brown black cat

When you call one of them, but both turn their heads!

mini me camel

“Look Up! They’re taking a photo of us!

mini me cat

Big Momma Cat: “Mess with my daughter, mess with me too!”

mini me corgi dog

These corgis will make you want to squeeze them right nowwww!

mini me dalmatian

Mini Dalmatian: “Daddy told me this is how you sit properly.”

mini me dog

Even their eye patches are copy-pasted!

mini me dogs

Here’s a beautiFUR momma showing some love to her little one.

mini me elephant

There’s something about this photo that makes you cry…

mini me giraffe

Drinking and attempting to do splits at the same time.

mini me goat

Here’s a little goat mimicking the parent how to eat grass.

mini me gray cats

Looks like these partners-in-crime have just been caught in the act.

mini me

Awwwww! They’re so squishy and fluffy!!!

mini me horse

Wait… where’s the mini horse?

mini me lion

The big one will make you run away, the other one will make you run towards him.

mini me orangutan

Even how they scratch are the same!

mini me pandas

Even with this back shot, these pandas look adorable!

mini me seal

This is how you sunbathe!

mini me sleeping cats

The cutest sleeping cats you’ll ever see.

mini me sloth

These furry babies are lovable!

mini me spotted cats

We didn’t know dalmatians have evolved into cats.

mini me super cute cats

This momma cat is taking her kitten to the grocery.

mini me tiger

Can we take a moment to enjoy this sweet moment?

mini me white cats

“So, baby, this is how you steal some food.”

mini me yellow and blue eyes

Even their eye colors are on point.

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