offended cat

These Cats Over Dramatic Reactions Will Make Your Day

Being dramatic isn’t just a human thing.  In fact, we think cats are experts at giving out the most dramatic reactions.  We’ve compiled the most hilarious photos of some felines’ overreactions.  Whether they were taking a bath, seeing a baby for the first time, or just riding a car, these furry pets don’t know what being chill means.  They’re all Drama Queens!

bet you can't do this

“Hey Mate! I bet you can’t do this!”

cat bath time

“I told you! You won’t like me after taking a bath!”

cat big eyes

We’re not sure if this cat is trying to scare us or is she asking for something?

Cat disapproves human-dog love

This cat can’t stand human-dog love! Ugh!

Cat shocked with the truck

This cat is seeing a big truck for the first time!

cat stretching

Time for some morning stretch! Or is she doing some real yoga?

cat's reaction upon seeing the ceiling fan move for the first time

“Woooaah! So that’s how a ceiling fan works?”

don't leave me im gonna die

“Don’t leave me! I’ll kill myself if you do”

don't touch me

“Don’t touch me! I saw you touching another cat!”

don't wake me up

“Whoever woke me up will be roasted!”

how do i fit myself into this chair

“How do I fit myself into this chair?”

I can do this

“Oh no! I’m falling… I can do this!!!”

Let me in -cat

“Who the hell locked me out???”

let me in now


my friend's face when I told her we got back together for the nth time

My friend’s face when I told her my boyfriend and I got back together for the nth time. Pure disgust!

My heart it breaks - cat

“My heart… it breaks”

Not the flash

Uh oh! Stolen!

offended cat

This cat’s offended face is so adorable!

Oh no, snow!

“Oh no, snow! I don’t like this!”

please get me that toy

“Please get me that toy. I can’t reach it.”

posing for Instagram be like

Posing for Instagram be like.

She's going to stay here forever

What??? You mean she’s going to stay here forever???

So near yet so far

When you’re so near with your bae yet so far!

stop playing

“Am I not good enough for you human? Please stop playing!”

the stages of cat panic

The stages of cat panic.

we need to talk

“We need to talk!”

when you can't get over the finale of your fave series

When you can’t get over the finale of your fave series.

when you catch your roommate eating ice cream

When you catch your roommate eating ice cream!

when you don't want bae to leave

When you don’t want bae to leave.

when your owner gets a dog

When your owner gets a dog.

why is there a dog in the blanket

“Why is there a dog in the blanket???”

wow a christmas ball

“Wow! A christmas ball!”

You are not going out

No! You can’t go out at this hour!

You are not going out

Every cat’s reaction when you told her you’re going to buy food but take her to a vet instead.

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