These Cats Turn Nativity Scenes to CATivity

We all know how quirky cats can be. They squeeze themselves into anything: a box, a basket, or even the smallest hole they can find.  Sometimes, you see them at the top of your cabinet or door haunting you.  At other times, they’re stealing your spot beside your significant others.  Since it’s Christmas time, our feline friends have found a perfect scene to crash: the nativity.

These adorable kitties just can’t help but be the center of attention.  Check out these hilariously awkward photos of cats gloriously taking over the nativity scene.

a dinocat in a nativity scene

A Dinocat in a nativity scene! Rawr!

because there was no inn

Because there was no inn for Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. They had to stay in a cat?

big fat cat inside the crib

Can’t believe this big fat cat went inside this little nativity scene.

blending in

This pussy is sure doing well in blending in.

cat crashes church nativity

“Come and Rejoice!”

cat wants a catmas

This cat successfully ousted Jesus from the crib.  It’s a Merry Catmas!


She actually is doing pretty well in behaving like Jesus.

come let us adore this cat

“Oh! Come let us adore this cat!”

dominated by cat

Seriously, these feline friends can be actors in this nativity scene.

evicted by the cat

Oooops! They all got evicted by a cat!

great photo

Such a great photo! This cat’s acting skill is on point.

joseph and mary had a cat

We’re guessing Joseph and Mary really had a cat.

looking at jesus in character

He’s looking at Jesus in character.

nice background

You know… cats can really be a nice background.

really cat

Really Cat??? Trying to fit in that space???

screening gifts

He might be screening the gifts the three kings brought.

shes setting it up

Here’s a cute pussy setting up the nativity scene.

sneaking in

Just trying to sneak in…

so this is the one to whom these gifts should be given

Three kings: “So this is the one to whom these gifts should be given???”

the three kings encountered a challenge

And the three kings saw a star… I mean a cat!

there is a cat

There is a cat in this scene!

there was a cat in the barn

Perhaps, one of the kings rode on a cat.

they shall all worship me

“They shall all worship me!”

was lucifer there

We’re pretty sure the nativity scene was one glorious evening… no Lucifer crashing in?

where are the rest

“Where is the rest of the cast?”

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