horrible chicken how could you

These Chickens Were Shamed By Their Own Humans

Animal shaming has been a funny trend set by humans to their own pets. You may think it’s exclusive to dogs and cats who act like jerks, but you’re wrong. Apparently, even chicken owners have noticed how crazy their hens and roosters can be.

Scroll down and you’ll be surprised to know that these chickens can do ill deeds too. From pooping anywhere and eating your decors to refusing to lay eggs and getting dirty outside —¬†you’ll be glad to know you don’t own any of these quirky animals.

backdoor chicken

Here’s a chicken who needs attention early in the morning!

Chicken Alarm Clock

Well, isn’t this what they’re made for? To be their owner’s alarm clock!

chicken and dog tandem

What a cute tandem you have here!

chicken dont have any idea

And they both thought those notes are just grass.

chicken eating squash

Actually, this chicken is just carving the Halloween pumpkin.

chicken freeloading

Why oh why?

chicken looks guilty

Doesn’t he look guilty?

chicken slammed garden

“Ooopssiee. I thought it was a buffet!”

chicken thinks she's a wild bird

She is a wild animal!

cute mask bad hen

Yup! That’s a cute chicken mask.

cutie chicken

How can you not forgive this cutie chicken?

dogfood stealer chickens

Dog food stealers on the loose.

Easter Chicken

Let’s all welcome, the Easter Chicken.

grass eater chicken

I guess they’re vegetarian.

hens are whore

Uhmmm.. Hens are whores?

horrible chicken how could you

Horrible chicken! How could you???

hungry chicken


innocent white chick

Innocent-looking white chick!

no egg collecting allowed

No egg collecting allowed in this area.

pumpkin is my food says chicken

“Pumpkin is my food!”

shes not color black

Nope! That’s not its natural color.

useless chicken

Oh, what a useless chicken!

walked on fresh cement

Well, those are actually cute footprints.

white chicken

Seriously? That’s gross!


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