That smile you get on your face when you see the waiter is bringing out your food...FINALLY

These Dogs Catching Treats Are Perfectly Captured

A photographer from Waltrop, Germany named Christian Vieler is fond of taking hilarious photos of dogs catching treats.  His very aim is to capture every dog’s face depicting emotions such as excitement, frustration, or satisfaction.

Vieler said: “Every shoot I am looking for that specific moment when the dog is looking as cute or funny as they can be… That cannot be seen without the power of freezing motion – dog’s faces with magnificent lineaments, telling us stories of panic, desire and joy.”

The 45-year old photographer is actually a journalist who became interested in photography back in 2012.  In that same year, he bought a camera and has since accepted every dog guest in his studio.

He says some of his shots are good while others are not.  Yet, in this project, we’re sure you’ll find the dogs’ faces funny.  They are caught right before they catch a treat, when they got it, and when they missed it.  Their facial expressions are nothing short of epic.

bad timing

Oops! Looks like the dog looked down just when the treat was tossed.

calculating route

This dog is calculating the food’s route.

damn this whiskers

“Damn this whiskers! They’re blocking the food!”

dog catching treat

It’s a three-point shot!

excited face

Say AAAAAAAhhhhhhh!

get in the mouth or else

“Food, get in to my mouth or else!!!”

getting everything in my mouth

This dog feels like he’s in heaven for getting everything into his mouth.

gotcha happy face

This is his “Gotcha!” happy face.

heaven giving me some treat

“Thank you for answering my prayers, Lord!”

here it comes

“Ohhh here it comes!” Wondering if this will fit the pupper’s tiny mouth.

i can't believe it's finally happening

“I can’t believe it’s finally happening!”

ill get you next time

“I’m gonna get you next time! Grrrrr!”

im catching it

“Don’t go that waaaay!”

im gonna get you

“There is no way I’m not gonna get you!”

im good at this

“I am so good at this!”

im making sure you go straight into my mouth

“I’m making sure you go straight into my mouth”

is this heaven

“Where am I? Is this heaven?”

maybe it will land on my right

“Maybe it will land on my right side.”

not again

“Oh no! Not again? I missed it!”

not in my head

“I got it! Only in my head!”

not that way

“No no no. Not that way.”

not too fast

“Yey! Some dog treat!”

not too fast

This is how you eat and smile at the camera!”

satisfied after getting treat

We’re seeing pure satisfaction in this dog’s face.

so near yet so far

So near yet so far…

sweet satisfying moment

That sweet moment when you realized you did it!

That smile you get on your face when you see the waiter is bringing out your food...FINALLY

That smile you get on your face when you see the waiter is bringing out your food…FINALLY

this is how you do it

“Everyone! This is how you catch a dog food!”

walking dead dog treat

This dog turned into a walkng dead while catching some treats.

we didn't know dalmatians are scary

We didn’t know Dalmatians was a horror movie.

why is it so small

“Why is it so small? Eeh. I’m not taking that!”

you're still not going my way

This is a big case of bad timing. Awww. We feel sorry for him.


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