using the cash machine safely

These Dogs Guard Their Owners While Using ATMs

Admit it or not, sometimes we get scared of using an ATM especially at night.  Despite some security measures being put up like CCTVs, cubicle-type walls, and alarm systems at certain locations, there still is a risk that muggers and opportunists will attack us.  These dog owners have found an effective way to discourage such attacks and it doesn’t cost much.

That’s right!  Dog owners have their canine crew position behind them to protect them while withdrawing their cash.  They may look sweet and cuddly at first glance but there’s no doubt that these loyal doggies will defend when you touch their human.

One netizen shared how cute and clever the idea was by saying, “This is a good strategy. I would be way too distracted trying to pet the dogs to steal her information.”

Check out these photos that prove dogs aren’t just your playmate, they can be your guards too!

Watch her back

“I’m looking right at you Mister Hoodie!”

using the cash machine safely

These four-legged pets look like they’re looking for something to eat rather than guarding.

The one on the right is definitely the sheriff, he's even got a star on his chest!

The one on the right is definitely the sheriff, he’s even got a star on his chest!

step away sir and nobody will get hurt

“Step away Sir and nobody will get hurt!”

Is this dog guarding or being guarded?

Dont Even Think About it - guard dog

“Don’t Even Think About it!”

dog retrieves cash cards

Everybody needs this dog. He’s not guarding his owner, he is also good in retrieving cards.

dog protecting

This girl should stand closely to the ATM. But why worry? She’s got a dog guarding her.

dog looks scared of the guy

The guy behind looks more scary than the dog.

dog attacking

Ooopss! This dog’s about to attack someone who hasn’t even gotten close to his human.

brindle pattern

That brindle pattern looks cute on this canine. But don’t be deceived, he’s seriously protecting his girl.

badass guards

These two surely look like badass guards who are ready to eat you!

2 security dogs

These dogs look like fluffy guardians.



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