dog in fine dining

These Dogs Live A Better Life Than Most of Us

The expression “It’s a dog’s life” refers to a miserably, unhappy existence but that’s not always the case. Right now, there are a lot of spoiled dogs who live a life far better than most of us ever will.  Still not convinced?  Well, we’ve compiled a number of images of pooches who live a fancy life.  We’re talking about having their own BMW, air-conditioned doghouse, and a seat in a private jet.  Wouldn’t you want to trade with these dogs’ lives?

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dog back pack plus hand fed

This dog was carried around all day and was handfed for snacks! Such a baby!

dog bday gift

He got all these treats for his birthday.

Dog birthday

A special meal for this special doggo!


This only happens in the Upper East Side.  A dog owner letting his pooch ride on a remote-controlled BMW.

dog bubbly and unicorn

It’s every girl’s dream birthday! Bubbly and Unicorn!

dog cake

A cake is always a good surprise!

dog couch

This white pup has her own dog couch in their living room!

dog easter sunday

Easter Sundays can be fun for dogs too especially when they find dog treats inside the eggs.

dog education

Congratulations to this puppy who just graduated from puppy training.

 dog in business class

Everybody would want to live a like this! We’re wondering where is he heading.

dog in fine dining

This dog knows how to fine dine better than most of us.

dog on a bike

Riding on a bike made easy!

dog on private jet

Here’s a dog getting a sure seat on a private jet!

dog painting

Such a celebrity!

pet party

It’s time for a pet party!

paris hilton's dog

Paris Hilton’s dog lives in a 2-storey doghouse with full air condition, heating, and designer furniture.

Kiss My Paw

“Kiss My Paw, You Peasant!”

hacienda dog house

This dog has his own Mexican air-conditioned dog house.

dog's own room

This puppy got this bed all to his own!

dog's own problem

Getting his umbrella attached to his leash.

dog's dinner

Special Candle-lit dinner for two!

dog with own tent

Dogs should never be exposed to too much sun. That’s why!

Dog with mini mac

Wow! He just got his own iMac.

dog water bed

Sunbathing on a water bed!

dog throne

His Majesty!

dog stroller

Who else walks around the village in a stroller?

dog shoes

Sleeping in! What a good life!

dog shoes

Personalized Chaco sandals for this pup’s tiny paws.

Dog separate room

This dog’s owner built him his own separate room, with his pictures on the wall!

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