Paeton Twitter Post

These Dogs Love Their Tiny Beds

It all started with a Twitter Post. Paeton Mathes, a 15-year old from Indiana shared how her mother accidentally ordered an XS dog bed for their obviously large dog, Kenny.

Paeton explains: “My mom had free points to get something, so she decided to order another dog bed since our two dogs share one large bed. So she just clicked it, not really looking at the measurements or even price.”

When she posted pictures of Kenny trying out the dog bed and even loving it, her followers thought it was such a sweet and grateful act from their dog.

Paeton Twitter PostNow, they started sharing photos of their own dogs who love their own tiny beds too!

Alexandra Juarez Twitter Post

Carly Redfearn Twitter Post

Diva Ex Machina Twitter Post

Georgia Belly Twitter Post

Jess Eskew Twitter Post

Vanilla Breeze Twitter Post

Oh! How cute and innocent of these dogs to actually try to fit into their tiny beds.

And oh! Just in case you’re wondering… Kenny has a bigger bed which he shares with the family’s other dog.

Kenny and his real big bed



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