puppy eyes

These Dogs Made a Huge Mess

Leaving pets alone at home can also leave pet owners with messy consequences.  When that happens, instead of being angry, grab a camera, take a picture and post it on the internet 🙂

Well, look at these cute doggies who were obviously bored and decided to make their day a little more interesting.

Black dog messes the black sand at the back

It was already there when I got here!

black dog mess

Honestly, I have no idea how this happened!

dog outside with mess

Where did all this come from?

dog ruined couch

Yes? I’m Sleeping.

Dog ruined door

What??? I just opened the door.

Dog with boxes

I don’t know who did this.

dog with cotton all over

Don’t ask me! I was watching TV all day long.

dog with mess all over

What mess???

puppy ruined papers

I couldn’t have possibly done all these. I’m too small.

puppy eyes

Please don’t be mad at me!

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