These Dogs Stay Puppies Forever

The cuteness of dogs never gets out of the topic. Their fluffy feathers, cute puppy eyes, and crazy ways – all those make any human’s heart melt. We know they’re going to grow big fast. Although most of us would have fallen in love with them by that time, sometimes we wish they stay puppies forever!

Good news! There are actually dog breeds that stay puppies forever, or at least, for a very long time.

Bichon Frise

This breed literally means “curly dog” in English. They can weigh approximately 5-10 kg and can grow as tall as 9-12 inches. Its most known feature is its dark round eyes and curly coat that grows beautifully over their round skull, making them look like a fluff ball! This breed is often described as merry and cheerful. They also make good best friends with kids because of their high energy and very affectionate and playful character.

It’s like a snowball!

It also looks like a small bear!

It’s your stuffed toy coming to life…

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

This breed has long been a favorite since the time of King Charles. They love socializing with other dogs and can easily adapt to almost any environment. Aside from being a good company during hunting in King Charles’ time, this breed also makes an excellent companion for medical patients and elderly because of their patience and obedience.

Such a cute Christmas family photo!

Double the fun!

Look at that super nice hairdo!


Perhaps, on top of the most popular list is the beagle because of its happy nature, easy-to-care coat, and of course, compact size. They were first developed in England to hunt rabbits. As a member of the scenthounds, the beagles are also used in US airports for searching weapons, drugs, and illegal food items. With their friendliness,  they don’t make passengers nervous and anxious during a search. The beagles can stand only as tall as 13-15 inches and weigh only 22-30 pounds, they are great puppies for training see here more about this.

Just two beagles playing tug of war with a human on the other side…

Always ready to play, when you’re ready!

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Japanese Chin

This adorable spaniel breed has been developed primarily to serve man as a companion. What makes them cuter is their set of large eyes, small ears, and V-shaped skull covered with white and black long hair. The chin doesn’t work well with unfamiliar situations. However, once socialized, they can be very loving, affectionate, and extremely devoted to its master. They can also be taught with tricks and follow rules. They can only grow up to 7-11 inches and weigh 2-7 kgs.

“Yes, master?”

They do look Japanese with those chinky eyes!

Although, sometimes, they look intimidating but still, very cute!


You want a dog that’s both gentle and fearless, this glamorous white-coat puppy is definitely a good choice. Maltese belongs to the toy group, which means they have a lively and playful personality. They weigh only less than seven pounds and grow 8-10 inches long. They love to give love and feel loved, so cuddling with their owners is a sure hit! But be sure to still let this dog be a dog because they also excel in learning tricks and showing them off. When frightened, this tiny dog breed may instantly show its courageous nature.

Awwww.. such an adorable face!

Can they get any prettier than this?

“Can I be your pet, please?”

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