UPS delivery dog 2

These Pets are Ready for Halloween

It’s that time of the year again where, aside from spooky and creepy costumes, we are delighted with the cutest monsterrific outfits from dogs and cats. It’s not a surprise to know that of the $9 billion Americans spent on Halloween costumes, $480 million of those is for their pets. This data from the National Retail Foundation (NRF) shows that people love spending for fun, or to see more cuteness from their own pets!

NRF Director of Media Relations Ana Serafin Smith said, “When it comes to costumes, people find it fun and funny to dress up their cat as a dog or dog as a hotdog or cat as a lion.”

Plus, with the trend of pet stars on Instagram, more owners find it necessary to dress up their dogs and cats.
Check out some of the cutest costumes below of pets all set for the Halloween!

alligator dog

Did the alligator eat the dog???

another pirate dog

Awww. Peter Pan wouldn’t be scared if Captain Hook looked this cute!

Bruno Mars and Cardi B Pug

Can you tell who this duo is? That’s Bruno Mars and Cardi B Pug!

cowboy dog

This dog’s natural black patches completed his cowboy look!

delivery pet

Everyone’s excited to see a UPS delivery guy!

dog pirate

Another pirate looking so adorable!

donut server

Makes you want to eat this pooch right now!

Eleven surrounded by Eggo Waffles

Here’s a cute Eleven surrounded by Eggo waffles!

French Toast

Another dog you’d want to eat right now, especially when he’s dressed up as a French Toast.

gryffindor dogs

Potterheads, can you guess who this trio is?

headless waiters dog

Yikes! Scary but still so creative and cool!

Jack Sparrow

Uh oh! Jack Sparrow, is that you?

King Purrington

All hail to King Purrington!

mighty lion dog

Take a second look! It’s a dog dressed up as a lion!

Paw pye waiting for Olive Oyl

PAWpye waiting for Olive Oyl!

Pineapple dog

What a bundle of fruit treats!

Purple Rain tribute to late Prince

The Late Prince would be happy to see this cutie in a Purple Rain tribute costume!

Queen Bey maternity shoot dog

Of course, Queen Bey would be delighted to see a dog parody of her maternity shoot.

queen of hearts dog

The Queen of Hearts!

reindeer cat

Well, a little to early for Christmas, but why not?

sailor dog

It’s a sailor dog!

sunflower pet

Just adding some sunshine on your day!


Here he isssss! The SuperDog!!!

UPS delivery dog 2

Did we say people love seeing a UPS delivery guy?

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