dog brought flower red

These Pets Brought Home The Most Unexpected Gifts

If you’re a pet owner, you may have noticed the many thing your pet brings into your house after their hunting expeditions. This, in fact, is their way of showing their gratitude to you.  For most canines and felines, it has become a tradition to present whatever they caught to their humans to show their pride.  It’s some sort of communicating their sense of kinship.

Most often, you’d expect some trash or a stick they found on the street.  Yet, there are times, when they bring home the most unusual gifts.  It’s so weird that you’d actually think it’s cute and funny!  Scroll down to see some of the most unexpected gifts pet owners received.

Let’s see what these cats got! 

Cat brings a snake

We’re used to cats bringing home dead animals. But a snake which is alive is quite scary!

cat brings beetles

Look! Here are two beetles from this sweet little cat!

cat brings burger

It’s quite unlikely for a cat to bring a fully wrapped burger. And she’s just sitting there with no interest on that food.

Cat brings candy cane

She must have thought it’s Christmas already!

cat brings mini action figure

This cat brought her human an action figure to add to his collection! How sweet!

cat brings shuttlecock

Now, all you need to have are badminton rackets.

cat brings socks

We’re not sure if this cat’s trying to help his owner find the sock’s pair.

cat brought a bir

Looks like the cat is faster than the bird who can fly.

cat brought a bir

This cat got home with some crackers and asked his owner to feed him.

cat with hbd balloon

How sweet is this pussy who brought home a “Happy Birthday” balloon. There must have been a party at the neighborhood.

cat with sausage

Ooops! This feline clearly stole the sausage from their neighbor who’s having some BBQ party.

cat with sponge

We still don’t get why this kitty brought home a sponge.

Who let the dogs out? 

dog brought a hat on a sunny day

Now, I understand why dogs are a man’s bestfriend. They’ll get you your hat on a sunny day!

dog brought a marshmallow

Or your favorite marshmallow!

dog brought cash

They even bring you cash!

dog brought flower red

…and some red flowers to brighten up your day.

dog brought flower

Look! How cute is this puppy showing you a purple flower.

dog grabs bread from the pantry

They can also grab some snacks for you.

dog brought zuchini

Or your diet essential. Here’s some zucchini!

dog with small tree

Another dog bringing in some broccoli.

dog with denture

Although sometimes, they only bring those that look good on them like this denture.

dog with pacifier

Or this cute pacifier.

dog brought random things

Although most of the time, they just hunt the most random things!

dog brought dirt

Even bringing home some dirt.

dog brought baby rabbit

or rescuing a baby rabbit!

dog brought pillow

This canine just wants to hand you a pillow.

dog with ducky toy

and this little one taking home some toy ducky!

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