Puppy eating pizza

These Pets Certainly Love Eating

WE ALL LOVE FOOD. Who doesn’t, right? Although many of us follow a strict diet to keep our body fit, we have our favorites that we just can’t  say no to! However, our pets don’t have that in mind! They go on a “seefood” diet. That is, when they see food, they EAT IT!!!, but they still look incredibly adorable when they do it.

Puppy lying down to eat

Puppy jumps for food

cat eating strawberry

Oh my! Is there anything that looks cuter than a cat trying to eat a strawberry that doesn’t fit into her mouth?

puppy inside a bowl of food

Now, here’s a puppy who knows how delicious a cupcake is. He ate it even before it was baked!

While some pets aren’t all that sophisticated with their food, there are those who take fine dining seriously…

puppy ready for fine dining

“Main course, please?”

cat eating salmon

This cat also eats salmon with finesse.

Now let’s check on their favorites!

Watermelon, everyone?

bulldog eats watermelonThis looks more like licking rather than eating, but isn’t she cute?

another puppy eating watermelonEven orangutans love watermelon!

monkeys munching watermelon

Everybody loves pizza! And these puppies are hypnotized by it!

Puppy eating pizzadog loves pizza

And who can forget ice cream???

pig loves ice cream

and cake?

dog eats bday cake

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