little bride and groom

These Pets Found in Weddings Are Absolutely Adorable!

For some reason, including your pet in your wedding has become a trend people love.  According to professional pet sitter Gillian Aptroot, couples who wanted to have their pets at their wedding did so because of the bond they have with their furry best friends.

“It’s a no-brainer for them … it’s just like having their grandmother or their mother or their sister,” she said.

Aptroot developed the business First Class Pet Wedding Assistant and said that the demand over the years have grown from one wedding a quarter to about four every weekend, while he also learned about payroll codes for everyone on their business.

Instantly, people are letting their pets, most especially their four-legged pooches join the wedding and they can take on different roles. Most of the time, they are part of the bridal party. Some even act as ring bearers and flower maids. What we can’t resist is how cute these adorable dogs are in the wedding photos.

One particular couple, Gil and Luna, did not just include their pets in the photos and the ceremony.  Their dogs, Einstein (a 3-year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi) and Chimney (a 10-year old Jack Russel and Pug Mix) were incorporated into their theme.  They were even part of the cake toppers.  How adorable!

Gil and Luna with their pets Gil and Luna pets personalized toppers

More couples are joining the trend!

Couple and Pomeranian dog

Couple and Pomeranian dog topper Couple Slicing Cake with dog toppers

While others are letting their PAWsome pooches join and enjoy the wedding ceremony.

best dog

Who needs a Best Man when your most loyal friend can be your Best Dog?

cute bearer

What a cute bearer of good news!

dog as little groom

Kids are cute but we’ll gladly see a pawsome puppy as the little groom.

Dog as Ring Bearer

This dog better be there as he is the ring bearer!

dog bringing rings

This one too! Look how pro he is in walking down the aisle.

dog family portrait - Copy

Such a cute family portrait!

dog groom

Here’s one of the groomsmen walking with two bridesmaids.

dog is something blue - Copy

Your something blue need not be worn by you. It could be your pet dog in blue!

dog of honor collar

Bride’s most faithful friend is also her Dog of Honor.

family photo

Awwww… just married but already a family of three.

flower dog

The cutest flower girl you ever did see!


Can anyone be more dapper than this buddy?

guard dog

“Do not disturb please! My humans are getting married!”

Labrador as part of the entourage

Everyone was just as excited when this Labrador walked down the aisle.

little bride and groom

Cuteness Overload!!! Who wouldn’t want these two be part of their wedding entourage? Look! They look perfect as bride and groom!

little bridesmaids

Looking for little bridesmaids?

While it’s pretty common to see these furry friends in weddings. Other pets can also be included just like how these couples got their big best friends in their weddings.

other pet horse of honor

The Bride and her Horse of Honor.

other pet horse flower

And a flower donkey.

other pet elephant

Seriously? An Elephant? Why Not!

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