no bangs haircut

These Pets Look Adorable in their New Haircuts

Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not need haircuts to stay cool!  Their coats actually can give them some protection against the heat and the sun.  People still get their dogs trimmed though for a variety of other reasons… a lot of the time it is just because the owner likes the look.  Check out these pups.  What do you think of their before and after haircut photos?

hair or no hair

Hair or No Hair? Both looks good on this little pup!

pomeranian grooming

Our Pomeranian buddy goes for a clean cut too!


shabby to sleek haircut dog

Oops! This was a total make-over from shabby to sleek!


shelter dog needs makeover

Well, this is a much NEEDED make-over. But just so you know, this one’s a shelter dog who was found and brought to a grooming parlor.


smart dog haircut

Job Interview Tip. Get a haircut and put on a pair of glasses! Instant Smart Look!


dog with new haircut and bowtie

Someone’s out and ready to court a girl with his new haircut and bow tie.


dog with scarf

Another one’s going for a cowboy look! Although I think we like his previous horsey hair!

mohawk haircut

Here comes our Rebel-without-a-cause dog ! Hmmm. Maybe we’ll leave the mohawk cut to humans?


one side hairstyle dog

Trendy Hairstyle? She’s got it! Not sure if it will stay long though.


cute hairstyle for dog

This dog is all glammed up for a formal event.


cute dog hairstyle

Is this what you call a teddy bear cut? Because, she certainly looks like a little teddy bear.


no bangs haircut

We’re happy with this fresh look! And clearly, she’s happy seeing it too!

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