Dog with martini

These Pets Love Self-Care Routines Too!

We’ve probably seen captured moments of animals, especially domestic pets do cute things like playing, wearing costumes, eating, and even sleeping. Just their mere existence will make you want to squish them or hug them real tight. Now, we’re sharing the most adorable photos we’ve collected of pets practicing self-care!

Yes! Believe it or not, you’re not the only one who loves massages, bubble baths, smoothies, facial masks, and well, relaxing!

Keep scrolling to see how these PAWsome and beautiFUR babies take self-care to the next level!

Beagle enjoying massage

According to studies, massage therapy helps keep your pets relaxed. Isn’t it obvious?

cat came out from the shower

How cute is this little brat who just came out from the shower?

cat face massage

We’re not sure if she’s not happy or just holding the ticklish feeling.

cute cat tries to sip smoothie

“I just want to try this smoothie!”

cute dog massage

She’s loving this massage!

dog eats healthy meal

Even this dog is health conscious.

dog facial

We need this facial mask now!

dog grooming wash

And don’t you feel good???

dog grooming

“A little shorter, please!”

dog just relaxing

Cheat day + relaxation day in one!

dog massage

We’re sure this doggo will sleep in 3, 2, 1…

Dog sleep is life

When sleep is life…

Dog sleeping with eye patch

Now, this is life!

dog slurping mango smoothie

“So, this is how a mango smoothie tastes like!”

dog watermelon for breakfast

Dog eating watermelon for breakfast.

dog with banks

“How do you like my new hairdo?”

Dog with martini

We bet you’re imagining a martini if you were this dog.

Konatsu the puppy loves drinking smoothies

Instagram Star Konatsu surely loves smoothies!

pets eating healthy

It’s always nice to have a buddy in your lifestyle change.

puppy listening to music

Sometimes, all you really need is just good music.

Yorkshire terrier taking a bath

Or a really satisfying bubble bath!

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