These Pets Played Dress Up And We Can’t Resist Their Cuteness

It’s almost Valentines but we still can’t get over of these cute pets who played dress up last month.  On January 14, pet owners celebrated “National Dress Up Your Pet Day.” It was the cutest thing ever as our furry friends from all over the country donned incredible pet costumes.

Some slipped into fancy tutu dresses while others looked dapper in hero costumes.  Yet, most of them are just pure awesomeness with just a simple shades or a hat.  We all know you’re dying to see them so start scrolling down.


The truth is… there is an Amazon dog and he became the Wonderdog!

thank you dog

How can he be so cute with just a dog tag that says “thank you?”

king of hearts



That’s the hotdog we all want to eat!!!

harry potter dog

Witches and Wizards, let us all welcome The Dog Who Lived… Doggy Potter.

Construction dog

Anybody need help with fixing their houses, we’ve got a cute foreman here.

dog sheriff

This serious looking sheriff means he’s going to catch you even if he’s tied by his owner.

dog sheriff

You need something to make kids happy on your children’s party? Get yourself a clown and a dog in one!

dog sheriff

DOGTHAM needs you…. Batdog!

dog in astronaut pjs

You would definitely go on a slumber party with this pup in space pajamas.

dog in astronaut pjs

Yikesssss! So this is how a shark eats a dog???

Dog bunny in tutu

Awwww… look at this little unicorn wearing a tutu.

denim dog

There’s always that one dog who looks good in just a denim jacket.

delivery dog

Cutest delivery guy ever!!!

If this is your boss, will you ever focus on your work?


Here’s a real cowdog ready to kick some boots!

chinese cutie dog

Such a cute shaggy Chinese princess.

black ghetto dog

Of course, you can wear just a beanie and shades and you’re good to go!

baby dog shark

Baby dog shark…. doo doo doo doo!

aslan from narnia

Totally reminds you of Aslan from Narnia.

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