Bunny at attention

These Photos of Dwarf Bunnies Will Make You Say Awww

Small, soft, and cuddly. You think it’s a kitty or a puppy, but sometimes, they come as bunnies!  Dwarf bunnies are even more adorable when you get to know them!

Take a look at this cute bunny who’s hiding beside a pillow.

Bunny beside a pillow
These two fluffy bunnies lounging together could pass as a comfy carpet.

two fluffy bunnies
But did we mention bunnies aren’t just cute innocent animals. They can be serious too like this little guy standing at attention.

Bunny at attention

They even make messy eating look cute and precious.

Bunny eating vegies

They are friendly too! This bunny even hung out with a dog.

Bunny hanging out with dog
Though most of the time, they’re shy and just go into hiding.

shy bunny

Or play dead when they’re tired or not in the mood.

tired bunny
They get curious with objects and even play on their own.

bunny playing
But they also love cuddling with fellow bunnies.

Bunnies cuddlingBut one thing is certain,they are incredibly adorable that sometimes they don’t even look real.

super cute bunny


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