These Photos Prove Cats are the Best Photobombers

Most of us hate photobombers because they ruin a supposedly perfect photo, either accidentally or purposely.  But if your photobombers are these funny cute furry cats, you’d probably think otherwise.  They actually make your photo more adorable and you’d surely not hate them.  Here is proof that cats are the best photobombers:

Cat at the back of glassdoor

“Ehh excuse me… Can I join in the photo please?”


Cat gets infront of the camera

When your cat thinks she’s more gorgeous than you… she joins you in your selfie.


Cat jumps at the background

Now, the background looks more scenic with the cat jumping at the back.


Cat looks like jumping on the bride

Oops… she was too late to stop the wedding!


Cat models better

When your cat models better than you!


Cat perfect pose

Now, here’s a cat who knows when it’s time to smile.


Cat photobombs couple selfie

This couple looks cute together but the cat made this photo look more cute.


Cat photobombs dog selfie

This cat is clearly not happy with the dog taking selfie.


Cat photobombs fruit basket

This fluffy white cat ain’t got time for an Instagram food shot. He wants to eat the fruit basket.


Cat photobombs prenup

This prenup shot would have been perfect but then there’s this cat with her tongue out.


Cat photobombs wedding pic

And here’s a cat who chooses to ruin a wedding pictorial.


Cat photobombs solo selfie

“Yikes! I didn’t know you were taking a selfie. “


Creepy cat at the back

Here’s a creepy cat taking photobombing to the next level.


Cat scary face

“I want that pizza and not another photo!”


Cat with cats at the back

We don’t know who photobomb who but this shot is hilarious!

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