pets looking for treats

These Photos Show How It’s Like Living With Multiple Pets

There’s no question that having one good pet will make your life happier and more exciting.  It doesn’t just bring joy to you as an owner but also to your furry friend.

You know the saying, “the more, the merrier?”  It rings true to keeping multiple pets.  While it definitely multiplies fun in your home, it also multiplies the chaos.

We’ve compiled some of the cutest photos that show how it’s like to have different pets at home.  You be the judge if it’s fun or definitely fun!

2 dogs and 1 cat

Not sure if your dogs gonna like a cat?  Let this photo tell you of a cute possibility of having them sleeping together.

A dog, 8 birds, and hamster

A dog, 8 birds, and a hamster. Not sure who’s adjusting!

bunnies in pots

Aren’t they cute? How about having bunnies as plants?

cat chilling out like a dog

Here’s a cat chilling out like a dog.

cat eating dog food

It is clear who dominates in this home. Look how patients the dogs were while the cat eats their food.


This sure is a “CATastrophy” for the new puppy.

cats noticed the halloween decor

These cats notice the halloween decor and we’re not sure how long the spider toy’s gonna hang in there.

dog album cover

When your dogs know how to pose better than you. This could actually be a good album cover. Whatcha think?

dog scared of kittens

Yikes! These kittens are “small but terrible” for that big dog!

dog squad

I wouldn’t mind having this as my squad!

dogs day out

Nature and pets! What view could be better than this?

eating food with pets

How it looks like when you just want to eat that last piece of pizza with all your pets surrounding you.

family picture

Oooppss! Someone’s trying to ruin the family photo

me time

When your “Me Time” actually means having your doggos around you.

pets incharge of baby

No nanny? no problem! These pets are in-charge.

pets looking for treats

The faces they make when you’re at the kitchen.

pets sharing bed

The only time that the house isn’t in chaos.

pets taking a bath

Bathing together! How cute are these three?

pets waiting outside the CR

We’re pretty sure the owner who’s in the toilet forgot to give these pets their breakfast.

pets waiting outside your door

and this one too!

pets with different moods

How do you handle different pets with different personalities?

poms at the table

Awwww .. aren’t these pomeranians cute?

pose when owner got home

When you’re late and you open the door to these faces.

pup cakes

Everybody’s waiting for the pupcakes!

sleeping with pets

Sleeping alone but waking up with all of your pets beside you.

taking care of 12 cats

How it’s like to take care of 12 cats.

there's a pig

I’m pretty sure they are not all dogs.

when daddy cuts watermelon

Every freaking morning!

zoo and children

This girls home life resembles a zoo!


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