surprised cat

These Smiling Cats Will Surely Make You Smile

We often see cats sporting a mischievous look or a look which tells you they’ve done something wrong but won’t admit it. Although they look ridiculously cute in those, you’d surely enjoy their smiling faces. Well, they don’t really smile as humans do but seeing them grin or have their lips widen as they sleep will make us believe they’re happy felines.

See these PURRfect kitties sport the cutest smile:

chill cat

Look at how chill this cat is!

chill cat

“Is that a camera? Should I smile?”

Excited cat

“Did you say food?,” excitedly said the cat.

flower cat

Hmmmm… We’re imagining she’s smelling the sweet fragrance of the flower.

goodnight cat

“Good night! Sweet dreams everyone!”

gorgeous cat

We’re not sure if she’s sleep-smiling or just sporting a Chinese look!

grinning cat

This grinning cat will make you confused. Is it mad or overyjoyed?

happy cat

What a happy face!!!

happy dreams cat

She might be seeing lots of fishes in her dreams. Hmmm… Yum!

id CAT

Seriously, this could pass as an ID picture.

is that a joke smile

“Uhmmmm.. Should I laugh now?”

laughing cat

When something’s too funny, you can’t help but laugh!

massage cat

The sun + a good massage = a really good time!

meditating cat

When you’re in the mood for some yoga… “INHALEEEE”

nice to meet you cat

The face you make when you’re too excited to meet someone.

not so happy but smiling cat

When you’re trying to be nice to someone you don’t like…

one content cat

Here is one content cat!

sleepiest cat

Now, this is a good sleep.

Sleeping smiling cat

Seeing this will make you want to sleep all day long.

smiling kitten in soda

This cat is smiling like she’s drinking soda for the first time.

surprised cat

If this isn’t a happy face, then it’s probably a super happy face!!!

sweet dreams cat

When you’ve been up all night, you’d fall asleep anywhere, anytime.

sweet hug mom

Awww… she’s having a good sleep while cuddling her momma.

trying to stop her laugh cat

“I’m not laughing! I’m not laughing!”

whisker cat

Such a sweet-looking old cat.


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