Hosico in a crate

This Cat Adorably Squeezes Itself Into Every Container

We know cats are flexible but we didn’t know they can be as liquid as filling every container with their entire body – well, at least for Hosico.

This famous Scottish cat from Instagram became known for being compared to Puss in Boots or Garfield but he’s also known for squeezing himself into containers of different sizes and shapes.

Hosico in a basin

This 2-year old cat filled the basin with himself.

Hosico in a bowl

There’s no bowl too small for this fluffy pussy.

Hosico in a crate

A perfect display on your living room.


Hosico in a fish bowl

It’s a Goldfish — I mean a Gold cat in a fish bowl!

Hosico in a luggage

Travelling? He can fit into a luggage too.


Hosico in a sack

How adorable is this kitten in a sack?


Hosico in a shoebox

When you’re looking for your pair of shoes but find this cute kitten instead.


Hosico in a shopping bag

Going shopping? You can also squeeze Hosico in your shopping bag.


Hosico in Paper bag

Or in your paper bag.


Hosico in small box

But he likes small boxes better!

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