MikeyGus Dwarfism

This Cute German Shepherd with Dwarfism Proves Life is Meant to be Enjoyed

MikeyGus DwarfismThere are a number of small and short-legged dogs we adore.  From those cute pugs and dachshund to tiny terriers and corgis – we love them all.  Sometimes however, certain breeds can also be born with dwarf legs and although, they look a bit odd, we still find them adorable!

MikeyGus and his 8 inch leg

This German Shepherd pup is one of them.  MikeyGus, short for Michaelangelo Augustine, was born looking like the rest of his litter.  However, at 10 weeks old, his humans Amy and Heath Carkuff noticed something wrong – he was clumsier than the rest of his siblings.

After his check-up, it was confirmed that MikeyGus had dwarfism.  This condition entails many negative side effects.  His primary struggle was bone deformation of all his long bones.  At 6 months, he suddenly stopped walking entirely.

With much effort from his humans and his own mother, MikeyGus slowly restored his fun side by playing with a toy to chasing chickens in their backyard.

MikeyGus and his fur family

MikeyGus also loves snuggle time with his stuffed toy and his owners.

MikeyGus snuggle with human

His own fur family keeps a close eye on him and are extra careful during their playtime.

MikeyGus Playtime

MikeyGus’ innocent joy makes everybody smile and even teaches a more important lesson – that anyone can overcome their difference and still enjoy life!

Check out this video and see how MikeyGus still lives a normal happy life!  Isn’t he cute?

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