Ella Stares at a canvass painting

This Golden Retriever is also an Art Critic

Artist Julia Powell has just found her most adorable art critic.  That’s no other than her 6-year old Golden Retriever pet – Ella Fitzgerald.  Julia has observed how her canine friend stares at her various landscape paintings for three days in a row.  According to her, this is quite rare and so she concluded Ella might be “thinking all these deep philosophical thoughts.”

“She has this hilarious expression on her face.”

Julia has three theories as to why her dog just can’t look away at her paintings.

First, Ella is drawn to blues and greens which are dominant at Julia’s paintings.  She even tried showing oranges and reds to Ella but her dog didn’t have much interest.

Ella loves blues and greens

Second, Ella might be enjoying the smell of the canvas.

Ella Art Critic

Lastly and perhaps the most interesting theory – Ella is a genius art critic.

Ella compares two paintings

She jokingly captions one of her posts: “My dog is a genius and actually sees something here and is going to make me famous by writing about my work in a NYT bestselling art theory book she publishes one day.”

Ella with a hat

Whatever the reason is, we just think Ella looks adorably genius when she’s looking at those paintings.

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