Nyankichi Volcano

This Tabby Cat From Japan Has Better Photos Than You

We know that pets look cute and funny whenever their photos are taken, no matter how unprepared they are. Well, a male tabby from Japan is extraordinary. Nyankichi from Kagoshima has more than 77k followers in Instagram and 125K in Facebook because of hisĀ amazing shots.

It’s not just the quality of photo or the place where it’s taken. It definitely has something to do with his cat modeling skills. The photos his human took while traveling around their country would only make your Instagram feed feel low class. If cat bloggers exist, he’s absolutely on the top list.

Check out some of his incredible shots.

Nyankichi Behind

Blogger pose #1: Walk a bit far then turn around.

Nyankichi Blogger pose

Blogger pose #2: Hold on to something then look away from the camera.



Nyankichi Emo pose

Blogger Pose #3: Lean on anything and pretend to look somewhere far.

Blogger Pose #4: Make any blooming flowers your background. It will make your photo look extra.

Nyankichi Garden

Blogger Pose #5. Fake a laugh. Definitely works all the time!

Blogger Pose #6: Take a walk in a historical place like Kyoto.

Blogger Pose #7: Tilt your head. It’s a trick that works to make you look cute.

Nyankichi Japan Shrine

Blogger Pose #8. Find a nice solid background. More IG-worthy if it’s a tourist spot.

Nyankichi Jump

Blogger Pose #9: Never miss a jump shot. Or a cute leap!

Nyankichi Model

Blogger Pose #10: Show off your inner modelling skills. You can definitely lay around and pretend someone called you.

Nyankichi Mountain

Blogger Pose #11. Tongue out! It’s one way of looking cute.

Nyankichi mt fuji

Blogger Pose 12: Again, find a super nice background like Mt Fuji.

Nyankichi Snow

Blogger Pose #13: Play with the snow.

Nyankichi Swimming

Blogger Pose #14: Take a plunge in the pool or beach.

Nyankichi Temple

Blogger Pose #15. Be a little dramatic.

Nyankichi Volcano

Blogger Pose #16: Be extra dramatic by walking towards the camera with fierce eyes.

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