Want a Job That You Will Love Everyday? Be a Panda Nanny!

Are you looking for a job that you will never get tired of? Are you interested in hanging out with cute little pandas? If you are, then you can become a nanny, not to children, but to baby pandas! That’s right, you heard it here first!  There is a job that allows you to play, hug, and nurture adorable pandas all day, every day!

With every amazing sounding offer, there is a catch.  If this is your dream job, you will likely need to relocate to China.  In China, people can earn a decent living becoming panda nannies.   According to our sources, anyone can earn 200,000 yuan yearly or $32,000 USD, just by caring for these precious babies, and the Giant Panda Protection and Research Center is now hiring.   You provide the TLC, they supply the pandas, and you earn a paycheck.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

If pandas are one of your favorite things, and you will enjoy spending your days working and playing with them, this may be the best job ever.  If you are interested, check out this video!

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