Running Man Dog

Watch These Cute Dogs Doing the Running Man Challenge

Every day, we see a new video trending.  This time, it’s a dance craze called the #TheRunningMan challenge.  This phenomenon was actually started by two high school kids who took a video of themselves dancing to the radio classic, “My Boo” by the Ghost Town DJ. But it has gone mainstream after University of Maryland teammates, Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley started posting their own version in Instagram.

This time, not only men are up for the challenge. These cute dogs also join the craze.

This dog may have been locked out by his human, but it totally looks perfect for the dancing tune.

This cutie has been trained really well, even doing that twirl on his neck! HAHA

This little dachshund took a stroll in the park when he decided to go running  man instead!

She’s an expert! She even has a compilation of her running man videos!

This new craze is taking the world by storm!  We can’t wait to see other animals ready to take the challenge.


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