Dog in ball pool

We Are Celebrating “Love Your Pet” Day

Among the thousands of holidays that exist around the world or even just in the US, here is one that pet lovers should know – Love Your Pet Day! It is celebrates every 20th of February.

While we don’t know the origin of this holiday, we’re quite sure it emerged out of the love of pet owners to their dogs, cats, and other domestic animals they want to pet. This day is observed by bringing your pet a special treat, or pampering them a little more, or anything you can think of to appreciate them and the joy they give to you.

After all, no matter how crazy your pets can be, they are your stress relievers. They deserve this!

Check out some of the photos shared by pet lovers from all parts of the country.

Dog in ball pool

We all know dogs love to play catch… but soaking in a pool full of balls is a perfect alternative too.

Batman dog in a stroller

Batman needed his car, this furry pup needs his stroller.

Dog enjoys vegetable meal

This dog is treated to a vitamin-packed vegetable meal! Yum!

Dog enjoys staycation

Staycation? Oh! Dogs love that as much as you do!

Dog sunbathing

They need a little sunshine too! This cute pup is clearly enjoying a much needed R&R.

Dog manicure

And those pointy nails can go more than just the regular trimming. Add some colors to their nails and they will surely brighten your day even more.

Dog plays outside

Speaking of sunshine, even just an outdoor will brighten up their day.

Cat with stuffed toys

This cat is having some time with her stuffed playmates.

Take your dogs to the beach and they will definitely love you

Bff time

These cute doggos are having some quality time together.

Cat relax

Can life get any better than this?

Chill time

Chilling with some friends. Maybe some food treats will make their life exciting!

Dog enjoys joyride

Sitting like a boss! Heading for a joyride!

Dog enjoys sunny day

Black doggy enjoys sunny time outside.

Dog with chair

This pet has his own reclining chair! Cool!

Dog needs jacket

While this one has his own hoodie!

Dog selfie

He is learning how to take a selfie!

Dog family

Outdoor bonding for this family of three! How fun!

Family walk

While this pack is set for a family fun walk.

Rest after bath time

Just taking some rest after bath time.

Dog valentine

Will you be this dog’s valentine???

Sleeping cat

    Such a sweet sleeping cat with a new leash.
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