dog sleeping like a human

What Would You Do If You Woke Up To These Pets Doing The Funniest Things?

Most pet owners already know their pet’s routines.  They probably have a clear vision of how cute their pets are when they are eating, playing, sleeping, or taking a bath.  However, sometimes, they just wake up to see their pets doing the weirdest and most unexpected things. These shenanigans range from a dog enjoying sunbathing to a cat trying on his owner’s favorite suit… kind of weird.

Here’s a compilation of these “I Woke Up To This” moments captured by pet owners.  Imagine opening your eyes to these acts.  What would you probably do?  Pinch yourself first?  Or take out your camera to capture the funny moment?

cat helping a parrot

We’re not sure if the cat’s helping the parrot to get out or she’s trying to murder him.  You’d better rub your eyes twice to be certain.

cat in container

Just when you’re about to eat your breakfast and you see these two cats in a food container.

cat in the curtain

Cats really have a weird way of surprising humans. Wouldn’t you feel creepy seeing this when you open your eyes?

cat in the kitchen

Oooops! Another cat messing up the kitchen.

Cat on a suit

Is that cat trying on a suit?  You bet he is!

cat on top of the door

How the hell did you get up there?

dog in the kitchen

This dog is apparently waiting for his human to prepare him food.

dog knocking on door

This dog’s owner found his pet knocking outside their door with this face.

dog sleeping like a human

When you’re supposed to see bae, and you see this hairy creature beside you instead.

Dog sunbathing

Pretty clever?  This pet found a way to sunbathe inside the house.

dog waiting to play

He’s obviously waiting for his human to wake up and play with him.

dogs in a meeting

Such a fun sight to see.  These dogs are having a serious meeting.

happy family of cats

Awwww… cuddle time for this cat family. Meow!


Yes!  You guessed it right.  The owner had a hangover and woke up to his pet beside him on the floor.

irish setter on top of cabinet

This Irish setter was found on a 5 ft tall cabinet.

mother and daughter bonding

“Yes?  Anything wrong?  It’s mommy and baby time!”

skyping with a dog

The human is in a long distance relationship with her fiance… or maybe the fiance’s dog.

turtle opening the fridge

When you’re too slow to move so your turtle took over instead.

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