What’s up Boo?

One can’t talk about cuteness without thinking about Boo– dubbed as the cutest dog in the world.

It was May 2009 when his human created a facebook account for this little superstar, knowing he would get a lot of likes. And true enough, this lovable Pomeranian puppy has been in the limelight since then.

Our fluffy friend in his first Facebook post.

So, what’s up with our shaggy and energetic puppy icon years and many dog commercials later?


Boo’s been hanging out in his apartment. Like a boss, huh?



Looks like it’s an early valentine date for these two!

And oh! Did you know that our doggy model is now an Author too? He did a wonderful job smiling and posing for cameras in his book , Boo: The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog.


That’s it for now from our favorite little Pomeranian.

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