Soft Cuddly Panda

Why Pandas are so cute?

Did you know that there’s a reason behind why you adore these furry exemplars from China? Yes! Pandas are cute! And there’s a scientific reason behind it.

According to some neuroscientists, their chubby cheeks, snub noses, and toddling gaits may excite some circuitry in our brains that remind us of our interactions with human infants.

Babies who have supersized eyes look so cute with their chubby cheeks. Likewise, Pandas, whose eyes are made to appear larger with the dark patches around it also complement the gorgeous cheeks they have.

Pandas Eyes

Pandas also have the ability to manipulate in a cunning manner with the help of their pseudo-thumb. It’s a flexible wrist bone you see in their hands.

A Giant Panda cub climbs a tree
They are able to support themselves by standing in their rear legs like a toddler learning to walk.

Pandas Standing
They love frolicking in the snow like a baby playing.

Panda playing in the snow
And they even do somersault! Oh goodness! It’s like a baby rolling when trying to crawl.

Panda Somersault
Now, you understand why we get automatically attached to these lovely pandas. They remind us so much of the cute babies we love!

Cute Hanging PandaSimply put, these pandas have power over us. The University of Oxford Scholars call this “soft, cuddly power.” Lead author of the journal, Kathleen Buckingham said: “What other countries see is this cute, cuddly creature, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.  From a Chinese perspective, sharing the care of such a precious animal strengthens the bonds that China has with its ‘inner circle’ of countries.”

Soft Cuddly Panda

Since Pandas are endangered species, it’s only right we adore them and take care of them now so they could make more people happy with their existence.

Endangered Pandas

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